About Solart

Solart Solart is a leading solar provider with operations in Canada and the United States. With expertise in project management, engineering and financing, we make it affordable for individuals and businesses to go solar and help contribute to a cleaner environment.

We are a full service company and act as a one stop shop for all your solar needs. When you are ready to go solar, we take care of everything! This includes necessary paperwork, engineering, permits, installation and monitoring of your solar system. Our team of solar experts help you apply for any government subsidies or incentives that you might be eligible for, helping you get the best return on investment for your solar project. With competitive prices, an extensive network of local installers and satisfied clients across North America, we have established ourselves as an experienced and reliable solar provider.
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Solart Group

A team of experts

Solart expertise spans project management, solar engineering, marketing, 3D modeling, product development and design. Supported by solid teams of engineers, product designers and solar installers, we aim to deliver the most reliable solar technology to those who take the future of our environment to heart.

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460 Ste Catherine West,
Suite 410,
Montréal, Québec,
H3B 1A7